About our Honor Peak program

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Every Mountain has its Peak.
It’s the most majestic part… the part that people want to climb.
Consider us your Sherpa

High Points of Our Mission Statement

  1. Offer high-quality product.
  2. Provide excellent service
  3. Support charitable organization of our choice

Climb to new heights

It is your bridge to more funding with less work from you and your team.

We understand that donations are the key to your organization’s success.

Wouldn’t it be nice to spend more of your time building your program than finding more

Storm Mountain Coffee Roasters believes in the importance of your organization and has
developed a way for you to do just that; For every pound of coffee sold online using your
Storm Mountain Coffee code your organization will receive all profits from that sale.

Because organizations like yours are important. You have started it because it is a
passion and you saw that somebody needed to make an impact. We agree.

Helping your neighbors and those in need is The American Way, and if we are able to
help we should.

We have always been more than the typical coffee company because of our high-quality
product and attention to customer service. We want to go beyond that and help to make
the world a better place by helping your organization achieve your goals while offering
the affordable luxury of our handcrafted coffee.

While we are not a non-profit organization, we want to help others that are.

Our high quality and great service are sure to reflect positively on your organization.

*** It costs your organization nothing to be part of this program.


  1. We contact your supporters and our client list via social media and emails… or
    if you prefer to keep this more private, you can send out information about Honor
    Peak. Doing both is ideal.
  2. All contacts are driven to our website by our Social Media Director and team.
  3. Your organization’s promotional information will be showcased on our website
    for the 2 week period you choose from our calendar. (your link will be listed
    throughout the year).
  4. This is a one year program and we will continue to drive sales for you throughout
    the year.
  5. The “organization link” page will list the proper sales code for your supporters to
  6. Our website tracks all sales with your code and Storm Mountain Coffee will send
    you funds on the time frame that you request (monthly, quarterly or yearly)
  7. All sales and deliveries are handled by SMCR… no added work for you.