Our History

Storm Mountain Coffee Roasters opened its doors in 2003 in the adventure-bitten Colorado Rocky Mountains. Our town was coined, “SkiTown, USA”. There, we served our coffee at local world-class ski events, livestock and community events. Our wholesale customers were restaurants, offices and coffee shops. During that time we acquired the trademark license for The Ohio State University and also earned the honor of being the coffee for Lake Superior State University through an expansive blind taste test.

Storm Mountain in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

On Saturdays our shop was open to the public for “Wholesale Day”. Locals would come into our shop to purchase our products, drink samples or our coffee, eat our signature, “JOGO candy” and share stories about their week or world events. In fact, one of our coffees is named for the regular customer, who became a friend, and coined himself, “Frank Sumatera”. Look for it on our menu.

Our website also was launched in 2003. Initially, it was most successful during the holidays and when the two universities were excelling in football or hockey. Over time, our coffee developed somewhat of a cult following; People have learned of our high quality and consistency. We have, on more than a few occasions, turned tea drinkers into coffee drinkers, or coffee-with-cream drinkers into black-coffee drinkers.

Walleye Tournament contestants and Storm Mountain Coffee fans in Huron, Ohio

The time came in 2011 to push our company to the next level in order to deliver our clients the same high-quality products without taking our prices through the roof. In order to do that, we needed first to relocate ourselves to a more populous area. Although we still serve the Rocky Mountain region (and elsewhere), we have now nestled ourselves in a spot that is closer to shipping hubs, U.S. manufacturing, numerous college campuses, and consistent walk-in traffic. The town we chose, Huron, Ohio is in the middle of the region known as, “Vacationland USA”. It is on the beautiful shores of Lake Erie at the southernmost port on the Great Lakes. You could say that we have traded our ranchers for farmers, our skiers for fisherman, and our mountains for the Great Lakes. Any way you look at it, we’re still in the middle of a natural wonder and wonderful people.